Experiencing an Emergency?

Now Offering Some Emergency Hours

We are pleased to announce that, Striegel Animal Hospital has started offering urgent care/emergency hours every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm until midnight.

Striegel Animal Hospital would like to help the local communities have access to ER and urgent care for their pets every day of the week and these are currently the 2 days that are not always covered by Lakeside Emergency.

Please call ahead with ER appointment requests.

This gives our staff the chance to prepare for your pet’s arrival. It also allows us to determine if we can manage your pet’s ER needs. There may be cases that our facility is not able to manage currently. Lastly, a phone call ahead allows us to be able to advise you about approximate waiting times.

Emergency services will be provided via Curbside, meaning that clients will remain in their vehicles while pets are being treated. We will communicate with you via phone.

Please follow us on Facebook for future updates.

Remember this is a new service for us and please be patient as we work out all the logistics.

Outside of ours and Lakeside’s emergency hours, VetTriage services are available to anyone that visits our website. This service will connect you with a Veterinarian that can help you determine if the situation with your pet is an emergency, and help direct you to the nearest emergency clinic if one is required.