Official Face Licker

Ford is our official face licker and Debbie’s personal butt warmer.  Rarely seen outside of the chair she so graciously shares with Debbie-mom, she can sometimes be seen and heard begging to be lasered.  If you’ve ever needed convincing that laser therapy works, just ask Ford, who has b


Scaredy Cat

Beetlejuice is our resident 3-legged scaredy cat. He was brought to us by a client as a stray she had found in a very sad condition.  He clearly had a very rough start to life and so is rightfully extra cautious.



Walnut knows no boundaries when it comes to food. He’s even been known to steal  employees’ whole lunches.


Gentleman of Leisure

Palmer is the other half of our “clean-up crew.”  Though a more distinguished mooch than Walnut, Palmer is also highly food motivated and has been known to tip a trashcan or two.


Client Hospitality Specialist

Our newest 3-legged mystery cat, Boo has acclimated well to her new surroundings and is excelling in her role as official greeter. If she's in the lobby when you arrive, she'll be sure to say hello and offer her personal welcome to the facility.