Advantages of Hydrotherapy

  • It works more muscle groups simultaneously
  • Decreases post-surgery/injury recovery time and minimizes post-exercise soreness
  • Water provides resistance throughout the range of motion, providing a closed chain, hydrokinetic exercise
  • Permitting longer than normal training periods
  • Water buoyancy reduces gravity, diminishing concussive forces, thus reducing stress on joints
  • Allows early intervention and quicker recovery times
  • Warm water assists in pain reduction
  • Geriatric patients can exercise effectively
  • Decreases the risk of overheating
  • With the underwater treadmill, water height is regulated to accommodate different sized animals and adjusted for weight bearing.

Hydrotherapy Packages

  • 10 Sessions with 2 at no charge
  • 18 Sessions with 6 at no charge

Laser Therapy Packages

  • 6 Sessions with 1 at no charge
  • 10 Sessions with 2 at no charge

Physical Rehabilitation Equipment Packages

  • 5 Sessions with 1 at no charge
  • 10 Sessions with 2 at no charge

1st appointment MUST be accompanied with the owner. After the initial appointment, drops offs can be arranged.

All Sessions are by Appointment Only, please contact us for more information.

*Initial consultation appointment is required. This is not included in the package or gym prices.

Gym Memberships

Hydrotherapy Exercise only. Call for details.