At Striegel Animal Hospital, we take the physical and mental health of our patients into consideration when performing services and treatments.

With this in mind, members of our team have become Fear Free Certified Professionals in an effort to “take the ‘pet’ out of ‘petrified’” and provide stress-free visits for all of our patients.

Founded by veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, the Fear Free Certification Program was developed by board-certified veterinary behaviorists, veterinary technician behavior specialists, board-certified veterinary anesthetists, well-known veterinary practice management experts, and board-certified veterinary practitioners experienced in Fear Free methods.

Fear-Free Certification requires Veterinarians and Veterinary Staff to complete a comprehensive, 8-part educational course and exam. They also have to take continuing education to remain certified.

Pet owners who would like their pets to experience the Fear Free difference can schedule an appointment online or call us at 618-457-4133.

To learn more about the Fear Free initiative and how you can help your pet learn to love coming to the vet, watch the video on this page or please visit