If your pet has suffered a serious injury, is recovering from an operation, or is afflicted with a painful, debilitating physical condition, there’s a very good chance they will benefit greatly from veterinary physical rehabilitation. Modern therapies and techniques along with the latest technologies can alleviate pain, increase mobility, and promote rapid and complete healing. The Striegel Animal Hospital of Carbondale, IL, is proud to offer our clients affordable and effective pet rehabilitation services.

The Importance Of Pet Rehabilitation

If your pet has been injured or is recuperating from a surgical procedure, or is suffering from a debilitating disease like arthritis, the period of immobility required for recovery or the mobility-limiting effects of their condition allow the muscles to stiffen and begin to waste away, losing strength and range of motion. They might also be suffering from acute pain during the healing process, which can often take weeks or even months. Pet rehabilitation therapy is designed to alleviate pain, strengthen and stretch the affected muscles to restore normal mobility, and speed healing by improving the circulation of blood, oxygen, and essential nutrients through the damaged tissues and cells. Rehabilitation services not only help your pet get better faster, they help to prevent permanent disability and the formation of scar tissue.

Pet Rehabilitation At Striegel Animal Hospital

  • Hydrotherapy – Controlled swimming exercises supervised by a trained therapist are a way to gently work all the muscle groups simultaneously in an environment that greatly decreases body weight and strain. Hydrotherapy is used to strengthen the muscles and increase range of motion slowly, gently, and with reduced pain, before moving on to more demanding exercises and limb manipulation on the path to normal mobility and activity.
  • Laser Therapy – Deep penetrating laser light emitted by cutting-edge cold laser equipment is used on damaged tissues to alleviate pain while promoting rapid healing and cell regeneration. The laser light does not produce heat or any cutting action. Instead, the intense bombardment of photons triggers a beneficial reaction in the tissue cells while reducing swelling and inflammation, increasing blood and oxygen circulation, and releasing pain-alleviating endorphins. It also helps to prevent the formation of scar tissue.

Our pet rehabilitation services can benefit animals recovering from many different types of injuries, medical procedures, or disorders. They can be especially helpful for older animals suffering from age-related issues.

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